HydroMaster 1000:
Separation by the use of water

The containermobile HydroMaster 1000 separates accurate and reliable by utilizing differences in density. Only the loss of water through the moistened surface of the sales product will be automatically readjusted. A waste water treatment is not neccessary.

The HydroMaster 1000 on the construction site.

Advantages at a glance

  • Top Separation Results
    Material swimming on the surfcace will be discharged into the container.
  • Low Emission
    Quiet and dust-free operation.
  • Mobile or Stationary
    The robust container chassis is functional for both possibilities.
  • Unmanned Operation
    The accurate water proportioning adjusts automatically according to the demand.


Nothing else separates as reliable and accurate as the difference in density. If separation is carried out by 1 t/m³ the HydroMaster 1000 works unbeatable precise. Especially wood, plastic, pumice and other lightweight construction materials will be separated efficiently. The small amount of space needed and the low kW-necessity allows an economical separation of grain size ≤ 60mm.

The automatic control system and the unmanned operation reduce the costs for the power input, the water intake and the final “GO”. Through this up to 130 t feed material can be efficiently separated per hour. Quality claims and landfilling costs will be replaced by a clean sales fraction and correspondent profit. Winter will be circumvented by heating and clock timer.

Performance Data

Feed height: 1.950 mm
Diameter screw: 1.000 mm
Discharge height: heavy fraction: 1.720 mm
Discharge height: light fraction: 1.950 mm
Electric drive:
Screw: 15,00 kW
Brush belt: 1,10 kW
Immersion pump: 0,42 kW


  • hard cover wear plate
  • control unit
  • control unit water supply
  • additional water injection to float fines out, injections to adjust the water flow

Working-/Transport dimensions

Working length: 7.500 mm
Working width: 2.400 mm
Working height: 3.260 mm
Weight base machine: 5.400 kg
Transport length: 7.800 mm
Transport width: 2.400 mm
Transport height: 2.690 mm


„Water separates! Just like that. A pleasure to watch it – and to deliver true quality.“

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