CitySort Ne-Separator 1000/1500 V3 and V4

The discharge chute takes the material, distributes it, and routes it to the non-ferrous material separator. The chute is also available made from stainless steel, featuring a magnetic trunk discharge to separate and extract iron. Main mass flow and the non-ferrous products are extracted using on-board reclaiming pit conveyors.

CitySort Ne separator for non-metallic materials on the construction site.

Advantages at a glance

  • Added Value:
    Yield increases possible even with small amounts of non-ferrous metals.
  • Integration:
    Use with existing systems and technologies frequently possible.
  • External or Self-Contained Supply:
    Used with switching device or integrated diesel generator.
  • Mobility:
    Container-mobile transport concepts with low loading and equipping times.


Minerals, waste, rubble, sludge, and wood often contain metallic parts. The inevitable development of a modern industrial society is to utilize the product as "raw materials store" and to exploit it as a source of revenue. The explosion of the raw materials prices in 2007 and 2008 has clearly illustrated the effects of the limited resources on consumer prices.

Changing usage sites, limited available space, or low individual batches complicate entry into the necessary metal recovery process. The container-mobile CitySort program offers flexible solutions for these issues and problems.

Technical data

Vibrating feeder driven by electric motors
Non-ferrous metal separator 1.000 mm width
1.000 mm discharge conveyor width
700 mm non-ferrous metal discharge conveyor width
Diameter rotor: 400 mm
Rotation speed: 2.700 rpm
Pole / Rotor: 6


  • magnet drum for ferrous discharge
  • Wolff's leg
  • 500 mm leg support for lifting up machine
  • Belt scraper system
  • 18-poles Rotor for fine and coarse feed sizes

Working/Transport Dimensions

Working length: 10.800 mm
Working width:   6.950 mm
Working height:   4.800 mm
Weight basic machine:   8.500 kg
Transport length: 7.600 mm
Transport width: 2.550 mm
Transport height: 2.700 mm


"Why did I not recognize the metal portion as a source of revenue much earlier? My machine has paid for itself within one year!"

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