Iron extraction and discharge in transport direction guarantees the best separation results but also requires redirection and heaping or stockpiling of the mass flow. The CitySort Fe performs this task reliably and well. Optimal Separation
Magnetic trunk conveyor and the use of different working sizes guarantee a maximum result.

Set-up of the iron separator CitySort FE.

Advantages at a glance

  • Optimal separation:
    Magnetic trunk conveyor and the use of different working sizes guarantee a maximum result.
  • Flexible Use:
    Container-mobile transport concepts with low loading and equipping times.
  • External or Self-Contained Supply:
    Used with switching device or integrated diesel generator.
  • Permanent or Electrical Magnet:
    Access to different manufacturers and models.
  • Integration:
    Use with existing systems and technologies frequently possible.


Minerals, waste, rubble, sludge, and wood often contain metallic parts. The inevitable development of a modern industrial society is to utilize the product as "raw materials store" and to exploit it as a source of revenue. The explosion of the raw materials prices in 2007 and 2008 has clearly illustrated the effects of the limited resources on consumer prices.

Changing usage sites, limited available space, or low individual batches complicate entry into the necessary metal recovery process. The container-mobile CitySort program offers flexible solutions for these issues and problems.

Technical Data

Magnetic belt length AA: 2.700 mm
Magnetic belt width: 1.200 mm
Tensile force: 400 Gauss auf 450 mm
Weight: ca. 9,0 t
Discharge belt: belt width: 1.200 mm
Driving power: 4,0 kW
Discharge height: 3.700 mm
Transport length: 6.431 mm
Transport width: 2.240 mm
Transport height: 2.689 mm


  • with diesel engine and generator
  • stationary as magnetic station


"Why did I not recognize the metal portion as a source of revenue much earlier? My machine has paid for itself within one year!"


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