Container-mobile gravel crusher!

Gravel crusher for low-wear reduction of charging particle sizes to 250 mm.

The container mobile crusher CitySkid_9V is filled with coarse material.

Advantages at a glance

  • The finest crushed rock mixture possible:
    After selection and insertion of the suitable toggle plate, crushing to > 12.5 mm with a designated size range of < 32 - 70 mm.
  • Storage bunker and intelligent removal control:
    Level monitoring per ultrasonic sensor and automatic removal when fed in using a conveyor belt.
  • Loading and unloading with wheel loaders or excavators:
    The generously dimensioned intake hopper with light barrier controller for manless operation.
  • Electric drive:
    The 9V3 is ready for use with an external power supply, and the 9V4 model with an on-board diesel generator.
  • "Wolff's Fuss" loading device for transportation on a low-bed trailer:
    Simple patented system from CityEquip for loading without a crane.


Low annual tonnages of coarse material and harder quality place high demands on the mobile crushing technology. The gentle crushing system of the jaw crushers has received well-deserved praise for these types of applications. The CitySkid 9V4, specially developed for secondary crushing, is equipped with an intake that is over 920 mm wide while having a throat depth of only 250 mm. The width of the jaws ensures the high throughput.


A staged particle conveyor and well-shaped particles is achieved by purposely limiting the intake depth to 250 mm. Here the particles are repeatedly crushed along the entire length of the jaw before they exit through the narrow gap. The CitySkid 9V4 is brought to its location of use with a hook truck or a low-bed trailer .

Performance Data

Feed hopper: 3.500 x 2.000 mm
Vibrating feeder: 3.000 x 650 mm
Jaw crusher: 920 x 250 mm
Discharge conveyor width: 800 mm
Discharge height: 2.800 mm
Drive: 9V3: electrically
9V4: 100 kVA diesel unit



  • Intelligent ultrasonic sensor control
  • Top conveyor magnet
  • Side conveyor
  • Light barrier controller
  • "Wolff's Fuss" loading device

Working-/Transport dimensions

Working length: 9.197 mm
Working width: 2.291 mm
Working height: 3.604 mm
Weight base machine:
Modell 9V3:
Modell 9V4:
Allowance, magnet:
Allowance, side conveyor:

14.800 kg (9V3)
16.300 kg (9V4) 700 kg
550 kg
Transport length: 7.545 mm
Transport width: 2.391 mm (9V3)
2.500 mm (9V4)
Transport height: 2.689 mm
(3-axis hook lift)
3.104 mm (Low-bed trailer)


"I can finally crush the low quantities of oversized particles flexibly by myself. When the screening machine is outputting 20-40 t/h, it pays to have the ultrasound controller. In that case, I place the 9V4 under the conveyor, and the intelligent controller only starts the channel once there is enough material stored in the hopper for continuous operation. I can sell the mixture of minerals without having to use a secondary screening machine."

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