Compact recycling for non-compromising professionals!

Well established both, nationally and internationally, in compact recycling and natural rock; the CitySkid 7XE hybrid offers the best conditions for reducing coarse material to the desired grain size with low wear.

The containermobile CitySkid 7XE hybrid during crushing

Advantages at a glance

  • Finest crushed grain mixture:
    A 30 mm minimum CSS in a feed opening of 700 x 500 mm is proof of the immense ability to reduce the materials.
  • Problem-free crushing operations:
    Due to the optimal feed design, larger fragments are fed in without any blockages. There is no tapering at the discharge thanks to the 800 mm wide belt.
  • Wheel loader or excavator feed:
    The generously sized hopper can accomodate both of these without any restrictions.
  • Diesel and electrical drive:
    The 7XE hybrid can be operated either via its own on-board diesel generator or electrically if an external power supply is available.
  • WOLFFS leg for flat bed transport:
    A simple system patanted by CityEquip for loading without the use of a crane.


Whether in hard rocks of Scandinavia or recycling applications in Portugal:
The CitySkid makes an impression due to its simple and robust construction.
After just a few minutes to set-up, only four electrical motors are required to take the machine into operation. The machine performs its duties simply and appreciatively. The operator is also appreciative when too large pieces of materials which are to be crushed can be safely fed-in and transported.


In case of any problems, the CitySkid offers the best possible access on critical locations. The fact, that the moving jaw and the discharge belt run in the same direction, ensures the optimal discharge of iron and minerals. The 7XE can be operated electrically if external electricity is available.

Performance Data

Feed hopper: 3.550 x 2.018 mm
Vibrating feeder: 3.000 x 650 mm
Jaw crusher: 700 x 500 mm
Discharge conveyor width: 800 mm
Discharge height: 2.800 mm
Drive: electric / 88 kVA diesel generator



  • over belt magnet
  • side conveyor
  • Wolff's leg
  • Dust suppression
  • Wheels

Working-/Transport dimensions

Working length: 9.550 mm
Working width: 2.400 mm
Working height: 3.410 mm
Weight base machine:
Add. magnet:
Add. side conveyor:
14.000 kg (7XE)
700 kg
550 kg
Transport length: 8.200 mm
Transport width: 2.400 mm
2.550 mm (3-axis hook lift)
Transport height: 2.700 mm (3-axis hook lift)
3.100 mm (low-bed trailer)


"Back to the roots; finally a machine wich does what it promises without any technical gimmicks. The machine quickly prove its worth."

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