Creation of value, environmental protection and profit!

Added value, improvement of quality or compliance with tougher laws: AirMaster Neo is the compact and economic solution from CityEquip.

Side view of the AirMaster Neo on the construction site.

Advantages at a glance

  • Top separation results
    The patented drum air separator with numerous settings is simply unrivalled.
  • Low emissions
    LA light material cabin with an air recirculation channel reduces the demands for air and the the strain on the environment.
  • Maximum flexibility
    One type of machine which is easily extendable by 9 different options. All options con be upgraded later on.
  • Sophisticated drive concept
    Ein Maschinentyp flexibel durch 9 Optionen erweiterbar. Alle Optionen könnnen nachgerüstet werden.
  • Triple-Option
    Only compact mobile air separator with 3-fraction separation through optional AirLift-underpressure separator.


Wherever different kind of of material like construction waste, compost, municipal waste, slag or scrap needs to be separated, AirMaster Neo shows his full potential. The material is equally distributed on the 1.500 mm wide feeding conveyor. Depending upon the feed grading, the difference in gravity and the moisture level, the transport belt is set at the correct height and distance to the drum.



The amount of air is then regulated and, as if by magic, the light and heavy materials are separated from each other. All adjustments can be done easily, quick and without any help of tools from a central position. Free access to all mein components in working position guarantees easy maintainance. It is amazing what type of value creation can be achieved with air separation. Impurities and high costs are now a thing of the past.


  • Collecting conveyor heavy material
  • Discharge conveyor heavy material, foldable
  • Discharge conveyor light material with bigger chamber
  • AirLift
  • Disc Spreader
  • Hook lift for container mobility
  • Hydraulic height adjustment
  • CAT dieselengine with 110 kVA generator
  • Tracks

Transport dimensions

Basic version
Length: 8.425 mm
Width: 2.476 mm
Height: 2.558 mm
Weight: 9.100 kg


„I should have started with air separation long ago. It makes unbelievable savings. Tests can be performed with the mobile equipment so investment risks are ruled out!"

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