Gabionsizer 50/500:
Robust pre-screening in STD and HD design!

Coarse screenings are technically difficult to achieve and are also commercially expensive. The Gabionsizer 50/500 provides the ideal solution for cost-conscious users who take pleasure in simple, effective engineering. Quickly implemented and the individual metal rod distance simply selected, the undemanding Gabionsizer 50/500 carries out its work.

The Gabionsizer coarse screen in use during sieving.

Advantages at a glance

  • Premium screening power and self-cleaning thanks to high levels of vibration:
    Premium sizer metal rods with a diameter of 45 mm (STD) or 80 mm (HD).
  • Undemanding and robust:
    No engine, no hydraulics - simply deposit and take away the goods.
  • Can be flexibly implemented:
    Simply load with the wheeled loader and move the goods.
  • Individual screening power:
    Metal rod distances can be adjusted in 50 mm increments within a very short period of time (STD version).


Coarse screenings are just as difficult as fine screenings to produce. Coarse boulders mean high mechanical strains combined with the wear and repair expenditure associated with this issue. Clogged particles go hand in hand with standard grill or screening machines.

The Gabionsizer 50/500 is putting a stop to this problem. Available in standard (STD) and in heavy duty design (HD), this system screens boulders that are difficult to screen in an inexpensive manner. 45 mm sizer metal rods belonging to the standard design can be adjusted between 50 - 150 mm and can cope with boulders with edge lengths of up to 500 mm. The HD design can cope with boulders measuring up to 800 mm. Here, the sizer diameters measure 80 mm accordingly.



The characteristics of the Gabionsizer are convincing:
"0": No set-up times! Put into position and simply get started!
"0": Operating costs! No engine, no hydraulics, no filter ...
"X": A little bit of effort is needed in the event that the sizer metal rods have to be quickly adjusted to the appropriate distance - but naturally without technical "frills".

Performance Data

Standard vision: Assembly of metal rods with 45 mm Ø
HD-version: Assembly of metal rods with 80 mm Ø
Metal rods distance Standard version: 50, 100 and 150 mm
Metal rods distance HD-version: up 150 to 500 mm



  • 500 mm frame extension to increase the stockpile volume


Length: 4.160 mm
Width: 2.500 mm
Height: 2.650 mm


Length: 4.160 mm
Width: 2.500 mm
Height: 2.650 mm


"Value for money and robust - simply "indestructible" and reliable!"

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