Minerals, waste, compost, rubble, or sludge - the CityTrommel 518 drum system takes care all of them equally reliable. Screening is carried out directly from the currently active production process.

  • Clean Separation
    Drum screening system with outstanding results for difficult to screen and sieve material
  • Adjusted Performance
    Can be fitted with larger or smaller drum diameters.
  • Sturdy Drive
    Power transmission to drum body with wheel drive.
  • Economic and Reliable
    Simply placed into the material flow and ready for use without any additional gadgets.
Screening with the CityTrommel on the construction site.


Drum screening machines circulate and turn over the material to be screened. The mechanical stress and the continuous tumbling of the material effect the required clean separation. The CityTrommel 518 drum screener is best used in continuous operation.



Complex feed hoppers and complicated drive technology have been omitted deliberately. The goal of using this drum system is clean screening and separation with low investment volume and the use of simple yet robust technology.

Performance Data

Length: 5.000 mm
Diameter: 1.800 mm
Weight: ca. 4,5 t
Charging height: 4.786 mm
Driving power: 5,5 kW
Collecting belt: width: 650 mm
Driving power: 3,0 kW



  • Switchgear
  • Stockpiler
  • Sack ripper
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Perforated plates

Working/Transport Dimensions

CityTrommel 14.44
Length: 4.400 mm
Diameter: 1.400 mm


CityTrommel 18.47
Length: 4.700 mm
Diameter: 1.800 mm


CityTrommel 20.55
Length: 5.500 mm
Diameter: 2.000 mm


"I knew that a drum screener was able to do the job. What I did not know was how much easier and more economic the whole operation is when I simply place an electrically-operated CityTrommel right behind it."

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