The leaders in gravel and crushed stone!

Gravel and crushed stone treatment with unequalled selectivity. EL-JAY horizontal screening machines from CEDARAPIDS are driven by three eccentric shafts. The screening properties of a circular screening plant and a linear screening plant are combined in this plant to obtain an elliptically shaped screening amplitude. Up to 800 t/h of discharging output is cleanly separated into three or four fractions.

CityHorizon 6203 at work

Advantages at a glance

  • Selectivity:
    The horizontal construction of the box ensures screening results like in the tset lab.
  • Horizontal construction:
    The low construction and intake height reduces the amount of setup and transportation space required while simultaneously improving the screening efficiency.
  • More lift = higher yield:
    Due to the box, manufactured using the cold riveting process, lifting strokes of up to 19 mm can be traveled, and accelerations of up to 8 g can be safely discharged.
  • Directed screening amplitude:
    Three eccentric shafts combine linear and circular motions to form an ellipse. Height and inclination are set. The material to be screened is transported and separated in a controlled manner.


Inclined screening machines use the force of gravity to transport the material. Unfortunately, the usable screening surface decreases as the slope increases. Furthermore, the material to be screened often crashes over the screen in an uncontrolled manner. Three eccentric shafts in the box, which is manufactured using high-quality huck bolt construction, put a stop to this in the CityHorizon.

Instead of falling in an uncontrolled manner, the broken stones, gravel, and crushed sand are fed directly into the screen using only the lift of the screening machine (up to 19 mm of lift) at up to 8 times the rate of fall due to gravity. These screening machines separate as cleanly as in the test lab. The horizontal conveyor belts of the portable chute arrangement can discharge to the left or the right to auxiliary stockpile conveyors.

Performance Data

Screening box Modell 6162: Two-deck
4.800 x 1.800 mm
Screening box Modell 6203: Three-deck
6.100 x 1.950 mm


  • Various screen accessories
  • Breaker unit ball deck
  • Mixing chute system
  • Diesel generator
  • Auxiliary conveyors upon request

Working-/Transport dimensions

Modell 6162:
Working length: 8.640 mm
Working width: 4.300 mm
Working height: 3.600 mm
Transport length: 8.640 mm
Transport width: 3.000 mm
Transport height: 2.600 mm
Weight base machine: 14.500 kg
Modell 6203:
Working length: 9.840 mm
Working width: 4.400 mm
Working height: 4.000 mm
Transport length: 9.840 mm
Transport width: 3.000 mm
Transport height: 3.000 mm
Weight base machine: 18.700 kg


"With the CityHorizon, I fulfill the highest possible quality requirements. Generously dimensioned stockpile conveyors mean I avoid the high cost of transportation using wheel loaders ... and I operate the entire system completely legally using low-tax heating oil. The CityHorizon sets the bar even higher where other manufactures capitulate."

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